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In order to meet the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, the gatekeeper is one of the suppliers of security inspection equipment for the Universiade. We are responsible for protecting the safety and unimpeded of the Universiade, serving the Universiade, serving the world, and considering every need of our customers, including consulting products, in detail. We will provide professional, timely and standardized all-round "one-stop" service in technical support and

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01 Provide product information, product detailed explanation, on-the-spot demonstration, product technical consultation. 02 Design planning and technical guidance for customers free of charge. 03 To provide customers with channel X-ray machine, security gates, metal detectors, drug/ZY detector, security equipment, vehicle bottom safety inspection system, liquid detector and other ancillary equipment to use the flow scheme. 04 Assist customers to select supporting equipment and auxiliary measures. 05 It provides free professional design and service solutions for large-scale events.

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Gatekeeper products leasing

The company provides users with technical consultation, technical training, product upgrading, product leasing and other services for a long time.
National Service Hotline 400-8353-880

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